Leaders of Municipal People's Congress

Release time:2020-03-11 16:47

On the afternoon of the 21st, leaders of the Municipal People's Congress and the Bureau of industry and information technology visited our company for research and guidance.

The research group had a cordial conversation with the chairman of the company and listened to the chairman's brief report on the operation and development of the company and the independently developed products. During the investigation, the chairman also explained the working principle and information transformation of the company's products through on-site demonstration, clearly and directly demonstrated the product's functions, intelligence and characteristics, and looked forward to the future development of the company.

After visiting the intelligent production workshop and the Internet of things cloud platform, all leaders expressed their approval and fully affirmed the achievements of P & G's rapid development over the years. They hoped that P & G would strengthen scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation, so that P & G's products would benefit the people's livelihood, and promote the purification of cooking fume to make positive contributions to win the blue sky war.