2019 autumn Games successfully held

Release time:2020-01-14 13:44

In order to further strengthen the spiritual civilization and corporate culture construction of the company, enhance the physical quality of employees and enhance the cohesion of the company, P & G held the 2019 autumn sports meeting on November 2, 2019.

In order to encourage the people of P & G to better integrate the sports competitive spirit and team spirit into their daily work and enterprise development, we have set up such wonderful contests as tug of war, energy transfer competition, single leg train running, etc. this sports meeting pays more attention to the cooperation and challenge of the team.

The competitions on the field are extremely fierce, and the colleagues who are not on the field turn into cheerleaders to cheer up the athletes on the field.

After an afternoon of intense competition, P & G 2019 autumn Games successfully completed the scheduled schedule. At the award ceremony, leaders of the company presented awards to the winning team in turn.

The holding of this sports meeting fully shows the working enthusiasm and positive spirit of P & G people. It is also hoped that through the sports meeting, P & G people can meet the next challenge with more full positive energy attitude!